Ron Ochs is a life-long area resident with a keen awareness of community needs looking for innovative solutions. The current president and CEO of the Janesville Foundation and former chair of Forward Janesville, Ron maintains strong connections with many non-profit organizations in our community. Ron is a former president and CEO of what is currently BMO Harris Bank.

Diane Brown is Janesville Foundation's administrator, and through her tenure has become attuned to both the many assets and needs of her community. An active supporter of numerous local non-profits, Diane believes Janesville is on the precipice of becoming a real destination city. 

Dolores Dilley is board secretary, assisting the Janesville Foundation for 24 years. She has lived in Janesville for 50 years and was executive assistant to the president of Parker Pen. Dolores is an enduring community and church volunteer.

“Projects move forward in a meaningful way when the people involved sit down and listen to each other.”

Larry Squire

Diane Brown

Dennis Hansch

Ron Ochs

Dennis Hansch has always been fascinated by his hometown's history of continuous growth and improvement. Dennis considers his involvement in various civic and nonprofit organizations a pleasure, and has observed firsthand the hard work and generosity of many who have been devoted to making Janesville a better place to work and live. Dennis is an attorney and of counsel with Nowlan & Mouat.

“I enjoy being part of the solutions and successes of our community.”

Oakleigh Ryan

“The revitalization of downtown is important work for all of us, balancing our history with new resources."

“Bringing people, passion and ideas together helps empower individuals, communities and organizations to reach their goals and aspirations.”

Rollie McClellan began his board tenure at the Janesville Foundation in 1980. Along with the Foundation, Rollie also serves as a board member of Mercy Health System, a position he's maintained for 45 years. He is a former president and CEO of what is currently BMO Harris Bank and a tireless Rotary Botanical Gardens volunteer.

“A city needs to evolve; and its citizens need to be good stewards in that evolution.”

​Oakleigh Ryan is Principal of Whiton House, a boutique strategy consultancy and engagement institute based in Janesville. She is at the heart of her work a coach. Regardless of her project, Oakleigh sees the potential that can be. From soccer coach to board member to community advocate, Oakleigh lives by the premise that we must be the change we wish to see. 

“The Foundation plays a unique role–leading and coordinating efforts of others who seek to improve Janesville's economy, education, and help those in need.”

Our mission

Janesville Foundation's Board of Directors brings exceptional leadership to all collaborative and funding efforts of this private foundation. Our mission continues to be providing proactive leadership toward a better community through support of creative initiatives in economic and community development, education, and human services that enhance quality of life in Janesville.

Rollie McClellan

Dolores Dilley

“I have always found Janesville to be a supportive community with hard-working people and willing volunteers.”

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Larry Squire knows how to stay positively persistent. He co-chaired a taskforce supporting the largest referendum in state history to fund needed improvements to both city high schools. "This is a great example of significant progress for quality education, quality of life, and a smart way to attract people and businesses to the Janesville area."  Larry is regional president of Johnson Bank.